The trials, triumphs, and tribulations of
(awesome) wedding photographers worldwide

When I get called for jury duty right in the middle of wedding season

When I reach a level in my business that I have a say in which weddings I accept commissions for…

When do an edit I thought was going to be really hard

But it turned out to be easy! (and it looks great!)

When I say to myself I’m going to do this in between weddings…

….but what I actually do is:

When I’m capturing a perfect candid moment and the people see me and smile

When my internet goes out JUST as I start uploading the image gallery

When someone says they’ve never heard of David Hobby

And you should be reading what he has to say on lighting.

When I’m trying to check the timeline on my phone

But I feel weird because I don’t want them thinking I’m on FB or something!

When I shot my first gorgeous “perfect portfolio material” wedding

When the FoG is trying to tell me a story

…and he’s really into it, but it’s so loud in the reception I can’t actually hear a word he’s saying.

So I try to just go with it, like: