The trials, triumphs, and tribulations of
(awesome) wedding photographers worldwide

When I shot my first gorgeous “perfect portfolio material” wedding

When the FoG is trying to tell me a story

…and he’s really into it, but it’s so loud in the reception I can’t actually hear a word he’s saying.

So I try to just go with it, like:

When I spot a wedding photographer walking around on the altar during the ceremony

When I realized that the lens I need is in the car

When the MoB tells me I do awesome work….

…and then goes on to gush about the engagement photographs I did for the couple…. 

…but I didn’t shoot an engagement session for them.

When the MOMENT I sit down on the toilet, I hear someone say to someone else: “Yeah, they’re cutting the cake!”

(and of course, it’s my first bathroom break all day)

I’m like:

And then I jump up and I’m all: 

…true story. (thank goodness for second shooters!)

When we didn’t get fed (when we were promised we would be)

And my second tries to help by scrounging up some hors d’oeuvres he snagged

When it’s the wedding I’ve been waiting all year for

And I get super SICK.

So not only do I have to crawl out of bed and shoot a wedding when I feel like dying, I have to totally pretend I’m fine and happy and energetic! Yay! :/

When a super nice couple asks me to do a super cheesy pinterest pose

On the outside I’m like:

But inwardly I’m like:

When 5+ hours of editing breaks my brain