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Posing be like

Let’s talk, lovelies.

Posing can SUCK. Sitting there wondering what to do next while people who paid you thousands of dollars stare at you? YIKES.

Let’s DO something about it. (and um…. let’s do something that won’t break the bank- aimirite?)

If you’re looking to step up your posing from “mentally flailing” to “effortlessly awesome”, I seriously can’t recommend “Picture Perfect Posing" by Roberto Valenzuela enough.

Admittedly, when I first heard about it, I thought it would just be a simple book of dry poses to copy. Arm goes here, hand goes here. Blech. But it’s not. It’s something WAY WAY better.

You need this book.

This book is an examination of WHY some poses work and some don’t. It’s a breakdown of how to build comfortable, relaxed, flowing, and gorgeous poses with a few basic rules- so no matter the situation, you have a foundation to build on. (heck, he even breaks down the freaking sections of the spine and how each section effects any posing you do. WHUT.)

I have read it twice now, and it’s already making a HUGE difference for me. I know that I’ll be able to read it 300 more times and STILL get something out of it.

I repeat: You need this book. Go. Buy. It.

You’re welcome! ;)

When I meet a couple and the bride tells me there’ll be NO phones at their wedding


When they want me to shoot the same family formals twice- once with the bride, and then without



When my couple has been talking to the venue photography “expert”

"Well, the guy at the [venue] said that there’s this really pretty gazebo…"

When I’ve seen more of Lightroom than I have of my sidewalk

When the minister forgets to tell everyone to sit down

…so they end up standing for the WHOLE ceremony.

When I have a genius idea for a package add-on

When the clouds dissipate JUST after I finish shooting the first look

…so I’m standing in the blinding harsh sunlight, like:

When I’m posing the groomsmen and I ask one of them to move a bit to the left

All of them look at me like…

When the details are blog-feature worthy