The trials, triumphs, and tribulations of
(awesome) wedding photographers worldwide

When the couple I’m meeting with says: “Oh, and my cousin wants to be a photographer- so she’ll be tagging along while we do photos”

…”that’s totally fine, right? She’s toooootally excited to get portfolio material.”

When friends invite me to a party on Sunday

…..after a 16 hour wedding Saturday.

When I promise my couples I’ll have a few photographs on FB the night of the wedding

…ensuring that I have to stay up until 2am downloading/editing/posting. :/

When I almost drop the rings as I’m walking back to return them

When I turn the corner, and the light for portraits is perfect

When the couple goes: “Oh! Let’s do a shot with ALL the guests now!!”

Thanks so much for 0% warning whatsoever, y’all. :/

When I saw images from the Canon 200mm f/2L

Lordy. That is one gorgeous lens. But… dang… that price tag, though. :|

When I forget I have my big camera bag and try and sneak through small spaces

When the drunk best man uses the groom’s ex’s name in the toasts


When I arrange to trade second shooting dates with another awesome photographer