The trials, triumphs, and tribulations of
(awesome) wedding photographers worldwide

When the bride grimaces and holds her hands directly over her boobs the entire time she’s getting into her dress.

You’re getting into you’re freaking WEDDING dress. Be happy!

When I tell my spouse I’m “editing”

When Sigma brought out the Art Line of lenses


Omg, seriously- I was very much suspicious of “off brand” lenses. But I totally ditched my Canon 35 1.4 (an awesome lens) for the Sigma Art Line 35 1.4 after I tried it. Cheaper AND better. Say whaaaaaat?!?

See some of my shot with it here: http://whatshouldwecallweddingphoto.tumblr.com/bag

At the end of every wedding

When I meet a bride after weeks of emails, suggesting venues, florists, DJs…

…only for her to admit during our consultation, “In all honesty, I’m not technically engaged yet.”

When I see people looking for a second shooter for $100/day

Seriously, people?

First of all, hire PROFESSIONALS. People who KNOW what they are doing and are at your skill level. 

Secondly, PAY THEM. A significant amount.

Tips for finding a great second:

  • Join local city / state FB groups for photographers (if there isn’t one, make one!). Get to know the people there and be friendly! You’ll slowly be building a great base of seconds who are already trained pros.
  • Look on referral sites such as Country-wide FB groups for second shooting or https://www.photogrefers.com/.
  • Check their portfolio THOROUGHLY. See full day weddings in varying lighting.
  • Interview them- ask them about how they shoot and why, and in what lighting situations they have experience.
  • Test them. Personally, when I want to try a new second, I pay out of my own pocket to have them come to a wedding where the couple didn’t pay for a second shooter. That way, it’s an “extra gift” to the couple, and if the second bombs it, no worries. (I just don’t hire them again!) If they prove to be awesome, they go on my list!

When I try to buy “one thing” at Amazon.com


When a bride wants me to shoot her wedding for free for the “word of mouth”

When a friend is over and promises to let me edit

"No, no, it’s fine, I’ll just watch a movie while you work!"