The trials, triumphs, and tribulations of
(awesome) wedding photographers worldwide

Trying to explain to someone who asks me about my post-processing choices

Navigating a wedding where English isn’t the first language

When the wedding I’ve been looking forward to all year ends up being one of the worst ever

Eating dinner when toasts are scheduled 15 minutes after it starts

When I almost drop my camera

When I see a guest trying to take a selfie under harsh downward lighting

When WeddingWire won’t quit calling me

When the couple I’m meeting with says: “Oh, and my cousin wants to be a photographer- so she’ll be tagging along while we do photos”

…”that’s totally fine, right? She’s toooootally excited to get portfolio material.”

When friends invite me to a party on Sunday

…..after a 16 hour wedding Saturday.

When I promise my couples I’ll have a few photographs on FB the night of the wedding

…ensuring that I have to stay up until 2am downloading/editing/posting. :/