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When a lukewarm potential client e-mails me that they want to book my highest package

How is it possible that you're so freaking funny, relatable AND helpful?! Love your site and DYING to know who you are and where I can see your work!

Aw, thanks so much! We’re glad you’re following! <3 Happy to help! :D

When it’s lunchtime the day after a 12-hour wedding



Whenever I see Nikon lenses online

DX? FX? AF-S? Y’all are weird.



When I’ve been at the salon for 30 minutes and no bridal party in sight

When a client tries to pitch a bunch of us photographers against each other in a bidding war

When a wedding is a disorganized mess

When the groom’s a little too eager during the pronouncement kiss

When a hard drive I thought was dead starts working again!

When I accidentally walk in on my B&G getting it on in the guest suite after dinner…